Analysis of Influencing Nerve Strength of the Players in Football Matches under the Ecological Cognition

Chao Wu

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 469-473


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In the football match, the changes of the cerebral cortical nerve strength of the players have a significant impact on the athletes. The football players in the random Province of China is taken as the study objects. The short-term intensity load competition, continuous high-intensity competition and recalling competition are used to test the football players. The results show that in the short-term intensity load competition, short-term high-intensity training is beneficial to players to master and improve the level of sport skills. In continuous high-intensity competition, players are subjected to high-intensity physiological and psychological load stimulation, the body’s energy reserves are exhausted, and the recovery ability is reduced, which may cause fatigue. The changes of neurotransmitters in the recalling competition reflect the interaction of various related neurotransmitters released by the cerebral cortex, which plays a role in balancing and promoting the normal work of the nerve center.


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