Arthroscopy-assisted Ecological Medical Treatment in the Treatment of Tibial Plateau fracture in Football Players

Ruijun Wang, Chenchen Xue, Shaoguang Li

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 385-389


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To observe and analyze the therapeutic efficacy of arthroscopy-assisted Ecological medical treatment in the treatment of tibial plateau fracture in football players. A total of 160 football players with tibial plateau fracture treated at our hospital were enrolled. These patients were divided into control group and research group. The patients of the control group underwent traditional surgery while those of the research group were subjected to arthroscopyassisted Ecological medical treatment. And the therapeutic efficacy was compared. Application of arthroscopyassisted Ecological medical treatment in the treatment of tibial plateau fracture in football players could significantly improve the total therapeutic efficacy as well as reduce hospital stay and promote recovery.


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