Curative Effect of Single Arm Hinged External Fixation in the Treatment of Unstable Ankle Joint Fracture Dislocation of Soccer Players Based on Environmental Science

Yan Yi, Yebing Zou

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 325-329


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Method: A total of 180 soccer players who has been confirmed with unstable ankle joint fracture dislocation were selected as the objects of study. They were subjected to single arm hinged external fixation combined with limited internal fixation. Mayo scoring criteria were used to assess the elbow function from various aspects (pain, range of motion, stability, etc.), and the quality of life of the patient was recorded after treatment. Results: After the patients received treatment, the overall treatment excellent rate was 92.22%, Mayo score was 82.9±11.3 points, averaged range of motion of elbow was (106.9±20.6), showing good overall recovery status. Conclusion: The application of single arm hinged external fixation based on Environmental Science can achieve sound curative effect in the treatment of unstable ankle joint fracture dislocation of soccer players, resulting in improved overall treatment rate, reduced pain and better quality of life.


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