Developing of the Urban Medical Environment towards Healthcare Expenditure – Empirical Study

Yang Liu, Jie Lyu, Peiming Zhang

Ekoloji, 2018, Issue 106, Pages: 371-376, Article No: e106028


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Along with the economic development and the advance of time, people emphasize more on health and health care. Demands for medical care are satisfied by local medical resources, while general medical environment could not satisfy consumers’ demands. It often appears on the news about patients in remote areas not being cared in time or the tragedy caused by inadequate local healthcare workers. It reveals the obvious difference in the density of medical resources among various regions. Taking medical environment in Shanghai City as the research object, medical environment statistics provided by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government is utilized for the secondary data analysis. The research results reveal significantly positive effects of 1.medical environment on total health care, 2.medical environment on healthcare expenditure, 3.medical environment on outpatient fee, and 4.medical environment on medicine fee. Finally, suggestions are proposed according to the results, expecting to contribute to the development of the overall medical environment.


medical environment, healthcare expenditure, medical economy, medical resource


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