Discussion with Regression Analysis about Effects of Urban Social Capital and Family Structure on Medical Ecology Use

Qingfeng Bu, E Xie

Ekoloji, 2018, Issue 106, Pages: 405-410, Article No: e106032


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Aging population structure gradually enhances the elderly dependence on the family and the government. To solve the dependency problem, it is primary to improve the elderly health conditions. The fundamental solution is the elderly, whose emotional and psychological health conditions and physical activity functions are the keys in the adaptation to role change and physical degeneration after the retirement. Aiming at aged population in Shanghai as the analysis object, total 320 copies of questionnaire are distributed, and 251 valid copies are retrieved, with the retrieval rate 78%. The research results reveal remarkably positive effects of 1.social capital on use expenditure, 2.social capital on activity function, 3.family structure on use expenditure, and 4.family structure on activity function. According to the results, suggestions are proposed, expecting to effectively improve medical ecology use conditions.


social capital, family structure, medical ecology use, population structure


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