Diverse Bioactive Components from Cold-acclimated Cinnamomum Camphora Branches by Different Extraction

Xue Liu, Yuanyuan Chen, Zanpei Zhang, Qingzhi Ma, Yu Meng, Xiaodong Geng, Xuanxuan Wu, Yilin Cui, Mingwan Li, Dangquan Zhang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 117-121


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Cinnamomum camphora has been used as an excellent tree during construction of beautiful China. In order to explore the utilization potential of bioactive components from the branches of cold-acclimated C. camphora in North China, the diverse bioactive components were successfully extracted by acetone, benzene and ethanol, and identified by GC-MS/MS and QTOF-LC-MS. Among the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from three extractions of C. camphora branch, the benzene extract has the highest contents of bioactive components for biomedicine, bioenergy, food additive and spices, the acetone extract has highest contents of cosmetics components. Among the non-volatile organic compounds (non-VOCs), the benzene extract has the highest contents of bioactive components for food additive spices and cosmetics, the acetone extract has highest contents of biomedicine components. These findings suggested that the branch of cold-acclimated C. camphora has the potential to develop diverse bioactive products by different extractions.


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