Effect of Physical Exercise on Functional Recovery after Injury of Nervous System from the Perspective of Ecological Science

Tianxiang Liang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 511-515


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To explore the effect of physical exercise on the recovery of function after injury of the nervous systemy in Ecological environment, the recovery of hindlimb function of spinal cord injury in rats was taken as an example to explore the effect of exercise training on the mRNA expression of neuroinhibitory factor Nogo-A, receptor (NgR) and Cdh1 in the spinal cord injury of rats. The rat model of T10 spinal cord injury was made by modified Allens strike method. After making the model, the movement function of hindlimbs of rats was observed by BBB scoring method. The relative mRNA content of Nogo-A, NgR and Cdh1 in spinal cord tissues at different time points were measured by Fluorescence quantitative PCR method. The results showed that 4-8 weeks after the surgery, the ranking of BBB scores were: exercise training group (group B) >SCI group (group A) > control group (group C) (P<0.05).The peak value of Cdh1 mRNA content in group A and B appeared on the seventh day. The peak value of Cdh1 mRNA content in group D appeared at fifth days, but there was no significant difference between the two groups of E and F (P>0.05).The experimental results show that physical exercise training can reduce the mRNA expression of Nogo-A and NgR, promote the mRNA expression of Cdh1 in the injured area of the spinal cord injury rats, and stimulate the recovery of hindlimb function of the rats after spinal cord injury.


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