Efficacy of Based on Ecology Science Chronic Soft Tissue Injury in Table Tennis Players

Jie Zhang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 265-269


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Efficacy of Based on Ecology Science Chronic Soft Tissue Injury in Table Tennis Players. The 120 patients with chronic soft tissue injury who were treated in our hospital were selected as the study subjects. All the patients were table tennis players. The patients were randomly divided into study group and reference group. Where, the study group was treated with sunshang capsule, while the reference group was treated with bone setting therapy. The treatment efficacy of the two groups was observed and compared. By adopting different treatment options and comparing the soft tissue pain symptoms and comprehensive functional activity scores, the results showed that the study group enjoyed more significant advantages, P < 0.05. In comparison of the overall treatment efficiency,
study group enjoyed more pronounced advantages, P < 0.05. Treatment of chronic soft tissue injury in table tennis players can achieve better results and significantly improve their quality of life.


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