Efficacy of based on Ecology Science External Application of Chinese Medicine on Acute Soft Tissue Injury of Wushu Athletes

Jie Zhang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 259-263


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Application of Chinese medicine on acute soft tissue injuries of Wushu athletes. Methods: A total of 160 Wushu athletes diagnosed with acute soft tissue injury in our hospital were selected for study. The time range was from January 2015 to December 2017. The study subjects were randomly divided into study group and reference group, each having 80 cases. Where, the reference group was treated with external application of Chinese medicine, and the study group was treated with Yunnan Baiyao aerosol. Treatment effect of the two groups was compared.  Results: comparison of the overall treatment efficiency of the two groups showed that the study group was significantly superior to the reference group, P < 0.05; comparison of symptom score of the two groups before and after treatment showed that the study group was more advantageous compared to the reference group, P < 0.05; there was no significant difference in the incidence of adverse reactions between the patients, P > 0.05.


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