Environmental Analysis of the Effect of Population Growth Rate on Supply Chain Performance and Economic Growth of Indonesia

Muhammad Haseeb, Gholamreza Zandi, Nira Hariyatie Hartani, Munwar Hussain Pahi, Shahid Nadeem

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 107, Pages: 417-426, Article No: e107019


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Many people worry that population growth will eventually cause an environmental catastrophe. However, the problem is bigger and more complex than. The need to include environmental criteria in the analysis of supply chains is increasingly recognized as a result both of limitations that are posed by legislation and regulations as well as of various motivations that a company may have Extensive literature is available on supply chain performance (SCP). Most of the studies examined the relationship between SCP and firm performance in both developed as well as developing countries. However, researchers did not consider the effect of SCP on economic growth, particularly in Indonesian prospective. Therefore, the objective of this study is to examine the role of supply chain performance in the economic growth of Indonesia. To address the objective, data were collected from Indonesian economists. E mail survey was used, and questionnaires were distributed to collect the data. A total number of seven hypotheses were tested with the help of the structural equation modelling technique. The finding shows that inflation has an influence on SCP. Increases in population growth decrease the SCP. Moreover, investment growth rate and population growth rate also have an effect on SCP which has a contribution to the economic growth of Indonesia. Thus, the Indonesian government must boost supply chain to enhance economic growth.


environmental analysis, supply chain performance, rate of inflation, investment growth rate, population growth rate, economic growth rate


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