Evaluating the Therapeutic Effect of Massage Thrapy on Tibialisis Anterior Muscle Fatigue of Sport Dancer Using Atmospheric Environmental Monitoring

Shan Zhang, Junhua Li, Yang Wang, Zhenglin Gu, Jun Tong, Yuhua Wang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 337-341


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Method: the objects of this study were 200 professional sport dancers with tibialisis anterior muscle fatigue after exercise. They all enjoyed the right to know and were randomly divided into two groups, i.e., research group containing 100 cases and control group containing 100 cases. The patients in research group, also called observation group, were treated with massage therapy; while those in control group just took a rest. Isokinetic test and training mode were used to model the left tibialisis anterior muscle fatigue. During the modeling period, the Monitoring and Evaluation of Atmospheric Environment was performed to determine the indicators of passive activity of ankle joints in both groups. Results: after the research objects took a 5-minute break, another test showed that the maximum amplitude and gain rate, integral electromyography and gain rate, median frequency and gain rate, slope and gain rate were significantly reduced, P < 0.05. After accepting the massage therapy, the index of patients in the research group increased significantly, which was higher than that of the control group, P < 0.05. Conclusion: The massage therapy can significantly reduce the degree of muscle fatigue. Meanwhile, it is scientific and reasonable to surface EMG and isokinetic test to evaluate the effect of massage therapy on the tibialisis anterior muscle fatigue of sport dancers.


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