Implementation Status and Countermeasures of Urban Domestic Waste Treatment PPP Project in China

Benyue Zhang, Mingyang Gao, Jingjing Sun

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 107, Pages: 427-431, Article No: e107052


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The increasing amount of municipal garbage, the shortage of land use and the excessive government finance have become the bottleneck of the disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW). As an optimized financing model, PPP can not only relieve the government financial pressure, but also get rid of the difficulty of investment in professional technology and equipment. Based on the analysis of the current situation of management in the early, middle and late stages of PPP project construction, this paper puts forward some concrete suggestions for improvement in the light of the problems existing in the treatment of municipal solid waste.


PPP model, municipal solid waste disposal, risk avoidance, cost control


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