Issues of Industrial Production Environmental Safety in Modern Economy

Alena N. Dyrdonova, Alexey I. Shinkevich, Farida F. Galimulina, Tatyana V. Malysheva, Irina A. Zaraychenko, Vladimir I. Petrov, Marina V. Shinkevich

Ekoloji, 2018, Issue 106, Pages: 193-201, Article No: e106152


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The modern world is characterized by the problem high urgency of production ecological safety and reducing the anthropogenic influence on the natural environment. Aggravation of the environmental situation and increasing ecological requirements to the entities of the economy has led to the strengthening of environmental functions. The economic mechanism of environmental sustainability is expressed through the greening of production. Environmental safety is based on the concept of sustainable development. Actual and perspective trend in this case is the achievement of competitive superiority, increase of business efficiency at the expense of achievement of productions’ ecological stability, growth of investments in innovative development of the industry and formation of the new companies. The goal of the article is to study the peculiarities of the process of industries’ greening and the assessment of the expenditures’ level for environmental purposes, depending on the degree of market orientation and financial sustainability of petrochemical plants. The leading method for the study of this problem is the method of system economic analysis, which allows identifying the essence, patterns, and trends in the processes of production greening. An economic approach to the concept of sustainable development using the Hicks-Lindahl theory of total income is considered. Five principal factors of process of greening of industrial production are allocated. The conceptual model of monitoring of indicators’ system allowing to diagnose technical parameters’ change of production’s greening and to estimate economic effect in the cost – effect dimension is offered. The materials of the study are of scientific and practical value in the design of environmental management system, the development of financial policy of environmental investment, the formation of environmental legislation, and ecological certification of production.


sustainable development concept, production waste, waste recycling, environmental management system, production greening, environmental investment, environmental monitoring, environmental safety


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