Martial Arts Auxiliary Training Method Based on Ecological Science

Xinke Leng, Huijun Jiang, Guobin Dai

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 523-527


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Auxiliary training method of martial arts based on Ecological Science is proposed in this paper, which takes a university martial arts student as the research object, it takes the cognitive training method, metacognitive strategy and image training method to carry on the experiment analysis to the martial cadets. The results show that the cognitive training method can give full play to the cognitive function of the students, deepen the students’ understanding of technology, and speed up the mastery of action techniques. After the use of metacognitive strategies, the students with high metacognition ability and low metacognitive ability are used in the study. The performance of the staff is relatively low, the high metacognition level has a greater impact on the performance than the low cognitive level, the imagery training method is beneficial to alleviate the cognitive anxiety and enhance the state of self-confidence.


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