Method of Time and Space Dynamic Monitoring for Vegetation Coverage in Villages and Towns Based on TM Imagery

Lifang Wang, Fuqiang Qin, Zejun Jiang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 575-580


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For the problem that the traditional method of spatial and temporal dynamic monitoring for vegetation coverage in villages and towns has low monitoring accuracy, a method of time and space dynamic monitoring for vegetation coverage in villages and towns based on TM imagery is proposed. The ARCGIS tool is used to vectorize the township boundaries, and the TM remote sensing image preprocessing is performed by histogram matching method. Using the normalized design vegetation index, the pixel dichotomy model is used to estimate and extract vegetation coverage information. The vegetation cover level is divided according to the status of township land use, the characteristics of vegetation cover and the analytical precision of TM imagery. In ArcGIS 10.0, the change of vegetation coverage at each level is judged according to the change of the number of pixels, and the spatial and temporal dynamic monitoring of vegetation coverage is completed. The experimental results show that the proposed method has high monitoring accuracy and lays a solid foundation for the research progress in this field.


TM imagery, villages and towns, vegetation coverage, time and space dynamic monitoring


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