Modeling and Analysis of the Relationship between Ecological Air Quality and Outdoor Exercise Duration of the Crowd

Qingling Yang, Jianxin Liu

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 599-603


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Outdoor exercise has become an important way of exercise in People’s Daily life at this stage. Proper exercise plays a positive role in promoting the physical and mental health of human body. However, with the rapid development of urbanization and industrialization, a series of ecological and environmental problems have arisen, especially the deterioration of ecological air quality. Air is one of the basic environmental factors for human survival. Exercise also needs to be carried out in a certain suitable environment, especially outdoor sports. It is also necessary to have good ecological air quality as a guarantee. Otherwise, it will not only affect the exercise effect, but also pose a huge threat to the health of the human body. In this paper, the air quality and air pollution were studied, and the relationship between ecological air quality and outdoor movement time of the crowd was modeled and analyzed, so as to give scientific opinions for outdoor movement of the crowd.


ecological air quality, duration of movement, model design, air pollution


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