Nanocatalysts Affect Bioactive Component Diversity of Pyrolyzates from Walnut Shell

Yilin Cui, Yu Meng, Xuanxuan Wu, Zanpei Zhang, Xue Liu, Yong Lai, Qingzhi Ma, Dangquan Zhang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 129-133


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The huge resource of walnut shells were almost low efficient utilization. Therefore, the nano-catalytic technology was used to reveal the bioactive component characteristic by nanocatalysts. Three kinds of nanocatalysts (Ag, NiO, 1/2 Ag + 1/2 NiO) was added to the original powder of the walnut shell for pyrolysis at 300°C. The results showed that the main types of pyrolyzates are: bioenergy, biomedicine, food additive, spices and chemical raw materials. Among them, the original powder treaded with nano-Ag has higher component content of chemical raw materials and bioenergy. Treating with nano-NiO, the component content of chemical raw materials and perfumes in pyrolyzate is relatively higher. Treating with nano- 1∕2Ag+1∕2NiO, the component content of most functional substances increases more in pyrolyzate, especially, the proportions of biomedicine and bioenergy increase significantly. The findings suggested that the content of pyrolyzate is different with different nanocatalysts, and nanocatalyst 1∕2Ag+1∕2NiO can be used to produce pyrolyzate including bioactive components of bioenergy and biomedicine.


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