Natural-Resource Potential Management of Region’s Territorial Ecosystems

Natalia A. Zaitseva, Anna A. Larionova, Vladimir V. Filatov, Elena E. Rodina, Viacheslav N. Zhenzhebir, Elena V. Povorina, Irina P. Palastina

Ekoloji, 2018, Issue 106, Pages: 495-502, Article No: e106158


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In modern conditions, when more and more countries build their national policies in the field of socio-economic long-term development on the principles of sustainable development, the problem of evidence-based assessment of natural resource potential of regional is extremely important. Methodological support to the processes of calculation and evaluation of all components of the natural-resource potential is a prerequisite for the development of effective management decisions made at both national and regional levels. The purpose of this study was to substantiate the list of criteria that will help to be used both for assessing the natural resource potential of territorial ecosystems of regions and for evaluating their effectiveness, as well as defining a set of promising measures to improve the natural resource potential of regional territorial ecosystems. For the study, the methods of content analysis, factor analysis, data systematization, method of expert assessment, the method of expert assessment coordination, SWOT analysis, and other scientific approaches were used, allowing to comprehensively consider the problem under study. As a result of the study, scientific approaches to the definition of the concepts of “natural resource potential” and “ecosystem” were clarified, as well as to determine the main groups of factors influencing the natural resource potential of territorial ecosystems of the region. “Natural resource potential” and “ecosystem”. In addition, based on a study of existing research in this area, the main groups of factors that influence the natural resource potential of the region’s territorial ecosystems were identified. The materials of the article can be used in the development of an environmental-oriented strategy for the development of regions, as well as a set of environmental measures to preserve territorial ecosystems.


ecological problems, natural resource potential, ecosystem, regional management, ecology, nature protection measures


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