Paris Climate Changes Agreement 2015 Operational Requirements and Legal Restrictions of Joining Iran

Farzad Zandi, Jamil Amanoallahi, Seyed Abbas Poorhashemi, Mostafa Panahi

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 107, Pages: 275-282, Article No: e107009


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Today, climate change is taking place as an irrefutable reality of international community. This phenomenon is one of the most important challenges of the contemporary age. In fact, the negative effects of climate change and its harmful effects to the human health and environment itself, conducted international community to accept some international treaties such as the Convention on Climate Change 1992, the Kyoto Protocol 1997 and the Paris Conference 2015. The Paris agreements on the climate change is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which dealing with greenhouse gas and oblige the parties to take account of the magnitude and consequences of global warming Reducing GHG emissions for the first time. The goal of this agreement is to change the economy based on global fossil fuels over the next few decades and decrease the global warming track. The Islamic Republic of Iran also declared its agreement at the time of the initial approval of the Paris Agreement, but the process of formal accession to this agreement entails ratification by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the general of which was passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly and then presented to the Council. The Guardian is currently being re-examined in the Islamic Consultative Assembly to resolve the ambiguities and defects of the Guardian Council. This has led to disagreement between the proponents and the opponents of Iran's accession to the Paris Agreement. In this paper, while reviewing the legal process for the formation of the Paris Agreement, the views of the advocates and opponents of Iran's accession to the agreement were examined from the perspective of Iranian fundamental rules and regulations. According to this research, ratification and implementation of the Paris agreement could increase the country's ability to adapt new rules and regulations in order to reduce consequences of global warming Reducing GHG emissions.


Environmental law, climate change, Paris agreement, Iranian fundamental rules and regulations, International Environmental law


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