Pyrolysis Products from Osmanthus Fragrans Wood

Cheng Li, Xiaochen Yue, Jun Yang, Yong Zhao, Chunxia Lv, Shuaiwei Dong, Xuefeng Luo, Zhiyong Sun, Ying Zhang, Baoxiang Li, Yafeng Yang, Qiuling Zhang, Huitao Bi, Dongfang Zheng, Wanxi Peng

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 105-109


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Osmanthus fragrans is a widely multi-purpose economic plant in China. However, few study was focus on the utilization of Osmanthus fragrans wood. In this study, the pyrolysis products of Osmanthus fragrans var thunbergii (OFVT) wood were investigated by PY-GC-MS. According the results of PY-GC-MS analysis, there are 185 chemical constituents were identified in 201 peaks of Osmanthus fragrans wood. The results shows that the pyrolysis products of Osmanthus fragrans wood contained many high-value components, such as acetic acid, methyl glyoxal, azetidine, creosol, vanillin, furfural, trans-isoeugenol, and so on, which can be used as a raw materials for chemicals and fuels. The thermal properties of Osmanthus fragrans wood was measurement by thermogravimetric analyzer.


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