Research on Business Model Innovation of Ecotourism Enterprises

Qianying Gao, Yulin Deng

Ekoloji, 2018, Issue 106, Pages: 301-306, Article No: e106022


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Ecotourism embodies the emphasis on ecology and ecotourism enterprises are the components of modern tourism market. To study the business model innovation of ecotourism enterprises based on different value models, this paper was based on three different forms of value formation of value chain, value ring and value network in the reality. This paper mainly discussed the basic characteristics of different value forming models, and the different effects and constraints analysis on the factors of business model. Under the background of value model, the direction and characteristics of business model innovation of ecotourism enterprises were discussed. The research showed that ecotourism enterprises can have various alternatives.


ecotourism enterprises, business model, innovation


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