Research on High Performance Work Systematic Influences on Employees Work Behaviour in Environmental Company

Change Yi, Aimin Yan

Ekoloji, 2018, Issue 106, Pages: 337-349, Article No: e106025


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The rise of the environmental company has made knowledge workers more and more important in contemporary organizations. In the contemporary era, establishing the innovation-oriented country is vigorously advocated, which makes more people try the best to exert innovative capabilities for this goal, and therefore how to improve employee’s innovation performance in the environmental company has gained more and more attentions. Staff’s innovation performance is the source of organizational innovation, which is vital to organization’s sustainable competitive advantage. Meanwhile, the innovation performance is affected by many factors, for example, the high-performance work system can make a great influence on it. However, in the past study, the relationship between the employee work behavior and the high performance work systematic influence in the environmental company is not figured out, and the mechanism of action is also not clear. In this study, the high performance work system would be used as the antecedent variable to explore its relationship with the employee innovation performance, and the relationship between the employees’ psychological capital and the employee’s innovation performance in the environmental company from the perspective of psychological capital is explored, where the employee psychological capital is considered as intermediary variables.


high performance work system, psychological capital, innovation performance, knowledge-based worker, environmental company