The Establishment of a Classroom Teaching Effect Evaluation Model for Environmental Specialty Based on Cognitive Neural Theory

Zhi-Yong Chen, Ting-Kui Lin

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 475-479


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In order to define the teaching orientation of environmental specialty in colleges and universities, this paper emphasizes the consistency and similarity between teaching and practice, and turns to promote and encourage the development of characteristics, advantages and differences of environmental specialty teaching in colleges and universities. This paper proposes a classroom teaching effect evaluation model for environmental specialty based on cognitive neural theory. According to the analysis of current environmental professional classroom teaching, the introduction of different types of colleges and universities in teaching environment in the level of the special teaching mode, using the PLS - SEM statistical techniques to determine the effect of classroom teaching evaluation, on the basis of the understanding of theory, the effect of classroom teaching evaluation model is set up, and to evaluate the effect of classroom teaching. The experimental results show that the evaluation accuracy of the model is higher.


cognitive neuroscience, environmental courses, teaching effectiveness, evaluation model


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