The Optimized Method of Artistic Ecological Landscape Patterns Based on Morphological Regionalization

Yishan Mao, Suiting Xu

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 605-610


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The optimization of artistic ecological landscape pattern is an effective way to construct the landscape ecological network, which can significantly improve the landscape ecological security. The theory of morphological regionalization has wide applicability in the study of urban morphology, especially in describing the morphological structure of artistic ecological landscape. Therefore, an optimization method of artistic ecological landscape pattern based on morphological regionalization is proposed. Based on the analysis of the concepts related to urban morphological regionalization and artistic ecological landscape pattern, the component structure of artistic ecological landscape with the best overall connectivity is obtained by combining granularity backstepping method and principal component analysis. The optimization of artistic ecological landscape pattern is completed, which provides a better support for planning proposal for the layout of artistic ecological landscape.


morphological region, artistic ecological landscape, landscape pattern, planning


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