Ekoloji Issue 100 (2017)

Consortium of Hydrocarbon-Oxidizing Microorganisms as a Basis for a Biological Product for Treating Petroleum Industry Waste in Southern Kazakhstan

Akmaral U. Issayeva, Aigul A. Uspabayeva, Aigul M. Sattarova, Zhadra A. Shingisbayeva, Raziya A. Isaev

Issue: 100, Pages: 1-10, Article No: e100001, Year: 2017

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The Impact of Climate Change on Maize Phenophase and Crop Water Requirement in the Heihe River Basin, Northwestern China

Jing Feng, Xuehua Zhang, Jia Liu, Chuanzhe Li, Yu Gao, Qingfu Ren

Issue: 100, Pages: 11-17, Article No: e100002, Year: 2017

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