Ekoloji Issue 101 (2017)

Trees and Shrubs as Landscape Structure Elements of the Western Kazakhstan

Kazhmurat M. Akhmedenov

Issue: 101, Pages: 1-10, Article No: e101001, Year: 2017

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Effects of Different Vegetation Restoration Patterns on Soil Biological Characteristics in Mining Subsidence Area―A Case Study of Jiaozuo Forest Park

Jiao Jun-Dang, MA Shou-Chen

Issue: 101, Pages: 11-16, Article No: e101002, Year: 2017

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Prediction of the Death Toll of Environmental Pollution in China’s Coal Mine Based on Metabolism-GM (1, n) Markov Model

Song Jiang, Minjie Lian, CaiWu Lu, Qinghua Gu, Hai Zhao

Issue: 101, Pages: 17-23, Article No: e101003, Year: 2017

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