Ekoloji Issue 99 (2017)

Biological Features of Sturgeon in Breeding Process in Pond Fish Farms of Almaty Region

Kenesbai Kairullaev, Gulzhan Kulmanova, Banu Nurgazy, Kuat Nurgazy, Fatima Turganbayeva

Issue: 99, Pages: 1-8, Article No: e099001, Year: 2017

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Effects of Floods, Droughts, and Water System Changes on the Rise and Fall of China’s Ancient Capitals within the Yellow River Basin

Wei Wang, Lachun Wang, Yongtai Li

Issue: 99, Pages: 9-21, Article No: e099002, Year: 2017

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Research on the Method of Human Health Risk Assessment for Reclaimed Water

Guozhong Huang, Peipei Zhang, Siheng Sun, Dingli Zhang

Issue: 99, Pages: 23-31, Article No: e099003, Year: 2017

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